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3 JAM PACKED workshops over 3 days! Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th & Friday 15th of October 2021









Let me in!

You are right where you're meant to be!

... but if where you are right now doesn't offer you the freedom & flexibility you desire, than come with me as I show you a path that will help you find success in business & happiness in life

We're in this together!


You are right where you are meant to be!

.. but if where you are right now doesn't offer you the freedom & flexibility you desire, than come with me as I show you a path that will help you find success in business & happiness in life!

I've got a lot to show you. 

It's no secret that I LOVE all things Australian Virtual Assistants!

I mostly love the impact that I've been able to have on women's lives because of what and how I teach.

Personally mentoring over 150 Australian women as they go from scared, nervous & unsure to confident, determined & ambitious as they make the transition from the 9-5 grind to AMAZING, empowered & unstoppable business women has been an incredible journey. 

My programs are the vehicle that allows us to work joyfully, with the freedom and flexibility to mould it to become as little or as big as we want it to be.

My 3-Day Challenge is going to show you how all of this comes to life, it's the very beginning of our journey together in creating your desired life.

Get ready for a JAM PACKED 3-Days!


An overview of the Virtual Assistant Industry

Getting clear on your why & building your vision board

Defining your ideal client, why this is important to your business success


7 step process to determine your core service offering

Pricing structures & which will work best for your business


Internal processes, including an overview of the onboarding process

Launching & finding clients

Next steps to continue your VA Journey


On completion of the 3 workshops you will:

  • Have a deep understanding of the industry & what’s involved in starting a VA business
  • Learn process we use to help you identify who you want to work with & how to create packages & services that attract them!
  • Know how to set your business up in a way that doesn’t see you trading time for money leaving you plenty of opportunities to scale!
  • Be able to finally see how all of the pieces come together in setting your business up for success!

How does it work?


You will receive access to a workbook to support your learning during the challenge


You will be invited to join a private Facebook Group where you can connect with others who are at the same stage of the VA journey


You can choose to join me live on Zoom OR watch from the sidelines as I take you through each stage of starting your VA business

Kind Words from Maddy Cirillo - 3-Day Challenge Participant

The Seed Start your VA Journey: 3 Day Challenge was exactly the spark that I needed to motivate and drive me with my own VA journey. Packed with not only invaluable and practical information, in just 3 days Amy provided support and encouragement. Before signing up, I had found myself hitting a wall in my endeavor to start my own VA business. After just the first day I knew this was exactly what I needed. By the end of the 3 days I had my confidence back and a clearer idea of how to move forward. I was also certain that I wanted to continue to work with Amy so I immediately signed up for the Seed VA Start Up Program, which I am already finding super useful! It is a wonderful feeling to have the sense that you have found exactly the right people and place to support you towards a positive and exciting future - thank you so much for providing me with that Amy



For over $450 worth of value!

  • Access to 3 live, interactive workshops on Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th & Friday 15th of October 2021
  • Replays available for 5 days!
  • The opportunity to get a really good understanding of what it takes to set up a VA business before investing further
  • Support & encouragement from myself and other students to turn your visions & ideas into a real life business
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 10+ page workbook
Start your VA journey here!

This is for you if: 

  • You want to get your VA business started but you have no idea where to start
  • You crave an experienced, trusted mentor. A mentor that creates a safe space, guides you, challenges you and gives you the tools that you need at every stage of your VA journey
  • You mean business, you may not yet be FULLY committed to the idea but you are open to taking imperfect action & are serious about giving it a red hot crack. 
  • You are tired of "opting in" to every Virtual Assistant freebie, signing up to every webinar, scraping the internet for blog articles and madly trying to stick it all together with virtual sticky tape that has lost all of it's stick. 
  • You are wanting to make real change to your current life, you want to serve from the heart, build genuine relationships and you want to know the next step in growing your VA business
  •  You have external blocks like limited tech skills, limited marketing knowledge or sales knowledge but you're willing to learn what you need to know to make it work!

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You are expecting 1-on-1 mentoring & coaching. While I will be there to answer your questions and support you - this is a group experience
  • If you are not open to continuous learning and committed to a growth mindset
  • You are looking for a quick fix. Starting a VA business takes a lot longer than 3 days - we are in this for the long haul
  • You don't have an abundance mindset and you're not willing to share your knowledge & encouragement with your "co-workers"

What are you waiting for?

This is such a small investment that could lead to amazing things for you! 

Right now, you may be feeling clueless, worried, scared and have no idea how or where to start but I promise that by the end of our 3 days together you will have a really clear picture of what it takes to start your very own VA business & the opportunity to work with me as I guide you in detail through the phases of getting started!

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