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5 reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business - Blog Post 1: Automated client onboarding

Nov 17, 2020

Welcome to this series of blog posts, where over 5 days we'll be deep diving into the reasons WHY you need a CRM to up-level your VA business!

Today our deep dive is all about automated client onboarding!

Firstly, I just want to say - You'll still need to give your new client your personal time and attention. There's no replacement for that. It's exciting to get to know your new clients, understand their business, hear about their experiences, learn about their family, goals and future dreams but often we fumble through onboarding trying to remember all of the steps to make sure you've ticked everything off - it takes away from being able to actually have these meaningful conversations with your new client.

Nothing says - "this chick knows her stuff" more that a seamless, easy & professional onboarding experience.

As Virtual Assistants to busy business owners and entrepreneurs, it is our job to leave our clients feeling looked after - and that should start right from the very first touch point. It is at this very point that you set the tone for the rest of your working relationship.

An automated client onboarding process saves you lots of time reinventing the wheel every time you onboard a new client & ensures a positive experience for both you and your new client.

Having your new client in your CRM from the second they book a call with you enables them to journey through onboarding and your client management system (we'll go more into this over the coming days) with ease.

Your business will currently have some form of onboarding system - the best thing to do first is to map out what happens from start to finish on pen and paper or in a system like Trello or Asana to make the process flow smoothly.

It would look something like this:

1. Client books discovery call (this usually involves lots of back and forth communication setting up a suitable time for both of you, perhaps you use Acuity or another calendar booking tool which saves a lot of this back and forth)

2. You send the client a link to Zoom and a calendar invite

3. You send 1-2 reminders to the client about the discovery call 

4. You have your discovery session

5. Client wants to work with you so you send them your Services & Pricing Guide or Welcome Kit & summary email that requires them to review and agree

6. You use your contract template to fill in the relevant parts, email it to them with the first invoice (printing, signing, scanning and emailing back is as old school, time consuming & not ideal. At the very least I suggest setting this up in HelloSign, Adobe Sign or other system that allows for digital signing)

7. You send them a list of things they need to get together for you to start working with you (eg. password sharing, system access, task management system, the transfer of knowledge etc.)

8. You may need to follow up on the contract/invoice or the items you've asked for above

9. The kick-off call, time to schedule another call once you've got everything you need to get started

10. Schedule meetings to review what is/isn't working on agreed milestone dates eg. monthly, 3 monthly

11. After 6 months of working together you diarise to ask your client for a review or feedback (and most of the time you don't because you get a wave of anxiousness that stops you from asking - we'll go into this another day too)

You can see how this can get a little messy & how the wheels can fall off pretty easily by doing all of these things manually. Even if your current process is somewhat automated but not through a CRM, you likely need 4-5 different online tools (Scheduling tool, calendar & zoom integration, template/digital signature tool, task management tool, calendar to set reminders to follow up, manually creating emails)

An automated onboarding process set up in a CRM is prompted by a set of triggers (this happens, when that happens) and being able to use just 1 tools for it all is defiantly a welcome solution!

Here is what this could look like in a CRM

1. Lead capture filled out by client or booking link sent for discovery

2. Integration - Zoom link & calendar invite

Trigger - Email sent "thank you for booking, here's what to expect from our call, these are the things we'll discuss, here's what you need" along with the calendar invite & zoom link

3. Trigger - 2 days before - Reminder email

4. Trigger 1 hour before - Reminder email

5. Discovery call takes place

6. Client agrees to go ahead

7. Trigger - Thank you for your time email, I'm looking forward to working with you, your contract will be sent for signing along with the first invoice, here are the next steps etc.

8. Use your contract template (which is set up as a form in the CRM) fill in the relevant details, generate the invoice (also inside the CRM) - trigger - send contract/invoice

9. Trigger - if not opened in 2 days send reminder / Trigger - if opened but not responded in 2 days send reminder

10. Contract received & invoice paid - Trigger - Send welcome email along with a checklist of items needed to get started

12. All items received/ticked off - trigger - Thank you email + schedule "let's get started" call 

13. Let's get started call booked - trigger Zoom link /Calendar invite

14. Reminder 2 days before call

15. Reminder 1 hour before

16. Trigger - New client onboarded (this would move them to a new workflow sequence) that enables you to manage the relationship - this could be, utalising the task management system, scheduling 3 monthly reviews, sending a happy birthday email on your clients birthdays, asking for a review after 6 months as a client (more coming on this on day 5)

The only thing you need to do manually is have the discovery call, load the relevant details into the contract/invoice as this could be different for every client & have the "lets get started call" - the rest has been taken care of!

If you're wanting to learn more about implementing a CRM into your VA business, stick around for the next 4 posts (over the next 4 days) detailing the reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business!

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