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5 reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business - Blog Post 2: Scheduling appointments

Nov 19, 2020

Welcome to this series of blog posts, where over 5 days we'll be deep diving into the reasons WHY you need a CRM to up-level your VA business!

Today is our second day & we are covering scheduling appointments using a CRM!

If you missed yesterdays post you can read it here

As I mentioned above, this is the second blog detailing the reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business! 

A CRM system will give you the ability to create a direct booking link that your clients can click into a book an appointment directly into your calendar.

With Zoom integration, this really is such a simple and effective way to manage appointments.

The traditional way of booking appointments can be quite cumbersome and involve a number of back-and-forth communication between you and your clients trying to come up with a time that suits you both, you, the service provider, would then need to manually take down the customer’s information, go into Zoom or however your meeting will take place, generate a meeting link, add it to your calendar, send a calendar invite and you also have to be diligent about following up so they don’t miss their meeting.

The process not only takes a lot of time, it also leaves room for human error and miscommunication.

What happens if you forget to send a reminder and the client misses their appointment?

What happens if you accidently add the incorrect meeting link into the calendar invite?

What happens if you accidently book 2 appointments at the same time without realising before you enter them into your calendar?

Such issues don’t just put a strain on your operations; they can also diminish the overall client experience. It’s worth finding a solution that paves the way for a smooth booking process.

By using an appointment scheduling portal that your customers can access on their own time, you eliminate the back and forth of traditional booking.

The software displays the services you offer and all available time slots, so your customers can reserve the time that works for them. Most solutions will have Zoom integration so that a meeting link is automatically generated & it along with the appointment details are added direct to your calendar and your clients calendar with a single click of a button.

Additionally, you will then have reminders sent to your clients to help ensure that they don't miss their appointment, as well as self reminders so that you remember to prepare for the meeting. And should something come up, your customers can easily reschedule through the scheduling tool instead of having to  go through the back and forth process all over again.

Setting your booking link up inside a CRM can also mean you can set up workflows such as:

Scenario 1:

When this meeting is booked 

> Immediately: Email the clients the calendar/Zoom link

> Day 1: Email client a checklist of things needed to prepare for the meeting

> 1 Day before: Email the client a reminder

> 1 Hour before: Email the client a reminder

Or even include an invoice for a session - this is particularly good if you offer training or coaching as part of your services

Scenario 2:

When this meeting is booked 

> Immediately: Email the client the calendar/Zoom link and attach an invoice for the selected service/package (which can be auto generated) using the fields from the booking link

> Day 1: Email client a checklist of things needed to prepare for the meeting

> 1 Day before: Email the client a reminder

> 1 Hour before: Email the client a reminder

You may currently use an online booking tool but again, as I mentioned yesterday, if you can work from one system this not only is going to save you time, it will flow smoothly for you and your clients as well as potentially save you money!

Once the meeting has been booked, the session is complete, you could then move the client on to another workflow eg. Recurring meeting, follow ups, client onboarding process etc. The beauty of it, is that you already have them in your system so you can then move them along which ever path you need to inside your CRM.

If you're ready to up-level your business through using a CRM, actually enjoy getting to know your client, provide an optimal experience to your clients, stop reinventing the wheel & wasting your time knowing the rest has been taken care of, than you don't want to miss this!

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