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5 reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business - Blog Post 3: Sales funnel automation

Nov 20, 2020

Welcome to this series of blog posts, where over 5 days we are deep diving into the reasons WHY you need a CRM to up-level your VA business!

Today is our third day & we are covering sales funnel automation!

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First things first: What is a sales funnel?

This is the mapping of the client journey from when a client first becomes aware of your business right through to when they becoming a client or customer

There are 4 main stages to a sales funnel & depending on the type of service or product you offer in your business, each stage will have different levels activity.

Stage 1: Awareness

This is from the very moment a prospect hears about you and your business - this could be through social media, google/website, or even word of mouth

These people will then take their journey through your sales funnel to either become a client/make a purchase, or not.

Stage 2: Interest

Once a prospect client becomes aware of your brand, they'll do some research, perhaps click through to your website or follow you on social media, they'll be thinking about the problem they have and how or if you can help solve it.

Stage 3: Decision

By this point your prospective client is really interested in your offering, this may be where they decide to book a discovery call with you, download your e-book, enquire about your pricing & packages or attend a webinar.

Stage 4: Action

The strength of your middle stages (stage 2 & 3) all comes down to this stage. This is where someone becomes a client or makes a purchase. If they don't, you would then continue to nurture the relationship to keep you top of mind for if/when they do decide to come back to this action stage.

The benefits of having a sales funnel as a Virtual Assistant

This can help you to bring in additional income streams - eg. selling digital products such as Canva templates, e-books, courses or memberships

It helps you to grow your email list without relying solely on your audience seeing your social media posts - this can also become an asset to make your business "saleable" 

It means that you may not need to market too hard if you loose a client - you just come back to your funnel

How can a CRM help you with this?

Part of the journey is to build trust and integrity so that your prospective clients believe in you and your service. Using a CRM you can build your funnel connected to your website and create landing pages, thank you pages, email marketing, automated payments, lead capture forms & more

Here's an example of how a basic sales funnel could work for a Virtual Assistant business

Virtual Assistant: Jane

Key service: Offers Inbox & calendar management for her clients

Step One:  Free lead magnet – "5 steps to reducing email overload"

  • Prospective client clicks to download & is taken to your landing page where they become aware of your brand,
  • They are prompted to enter their email address & can now download your lead magnet

They are now in stage 2 & 3 of your sales funnel

Step Two:  Low value offer - Inbox audit ($150)

  • Access the clients inbox and do a 2 hour audit of their current system
  • Set up folders & give a report on how they could better manager their inbox themselves

Step Three:  Core Offer – Ongoing inbox management $800 per month

  • Monthly retainer package to manage the client inbox up to X amount of emails or hours

These offers would be triggered by an automated sales funnel workflow set up through your CRM - invoicing/payment & emails would all be automated based on a series of events to bring your prospective client through your sales funnel journey.

If you're ready to up-level your business through using a CRM, actually enjoy getting to know your client, provide an optimal experience to your clients, stop reinventing the wheel & wasting your time knowing the rest has been taken care of, than you don't want to miss this!

We have a workshop coming up in our membership group where Amy Hart from Hart Virtual Services will be teaching our members how to set Dubsado CRM up in their VA business (valued at $165)

For $39 a month you'll get access to ongoing monthly workshops that will help you up-skill & up-level your VA business, our workshops are all live so that you have the opportunity to interact, ask questions to our guest experts & available on replay if you can't make them live!

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