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5 reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business - Day 4: Lead capture & contact forms

Nov 25, 2020

Welcome to this series of blog posts, where over 5 posts we'll be deep diving into the reasons WHY you need a CRM to up-level your VA business!

In today's blog we are covering lead capture & contact forms using a CRM

If you've missed previous blog posts in this series you can read them here

As I mentioned above, this is the fourth blog detailing the reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business! 

In our previous blog post we talked about automated sales funnel & lead capture & contact forms are a feature that you will use to automate your sales funnel.

What is a lead?

Leads are the lifeblood of any business no matter how big or small. Leads are potential customers who have shown an interest in your solution but haven’t made a purchase yet. 

How do you capture leads?

A contact form on your website where your prospective client could email you a question, enquire about your services or request an appointment.

A lead capture form where someone wanting to download your "freebie/lead magnet" (5 ways to reduce email overwhelm was the example we used in our last blog) would need to enter their name & email address to be granted access to your offer.

By adding lead capture forms or contact forms to your website, you provide an opportunity for the visitor to get in touch with you & also adds them to your sales funnel.

Examples of lead captures

There are many creative ways that as a VA you could be capturing lead details on your website including:

- A quick quiz "is your business in need of a VA?"

- A freebie/e-book download

- Join our mailing list

- Register for a webinar or live event

- Book a free discovery call

- Discounts/special offers

Why is it important?

Responding quickly to website visitors is becoming increasingly important in today's digital world because if you don't engage with visitors when they're interested, chances are - they'll bounce off your site.

So you want to give them a reason to stick around & invite them in to your world where you can then show them why they should work with you & what solutions you can provide for them

Depending on what form has been submitted on your website they would then be subscribed to an email sequence or triggered by a set of rules that journey them through your sales process, builds trust, nurtures the relationship, builds brand identity, consistency & in turn they will hopefully become clients.

This is incredibly important in managing your analytics & conversion rate aka "what's working & what's not working"

If you have a 4 lead capture opportunities on your website & only 1 is being clicked, this is the one you need to focus most on being the most popular.

Are the other's not being clicked for any reason in particular?

Are the leads from 1 form converting more than from another? 

We are going to be chatting about auto generated emails in our next blog post!

Lead capture is also vitally important when you want to scale your business, if you decide to take on a subcontractor or introduce a new service based on the demand for your services the first place to look to ensure it is a viable business decision is the number and type of leads coming through your funnel.

Stay tuned! In our next blog post we will be covering auto generated emails to finalise our mini series of why you need a CRM to up-level your VA business!


If you're ready to up-level your business through using a CRM, actually enjoy getting to know your client, provide an optimal experience to your clients, stop reinventing the wheel & wasting your time knowing the rest has been taken care of, than you don't want to miss this!

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