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5 reasons you need a CRM to up-level your VA business - Blog Post 5: Auto Generated Emails

Dec 11, 2020

Welcome to the last of  5 blog posts we deep dive into the reasons WHY you need a CRM to up-level your VA business! 

If you've missed previous blog posts in this series you can read them here

In today's blog we are covering auto generated emails.

The 3 types of emails you should automated with your CRM

1. Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are meant for new subscribers which could have been sourced from a lead magnet, contact form or they've asked you to add them to your mailing list (you may run various welcome email sequences relevant to how the contact has ended up on your list)

Studies suggest that welcome emails can substantially increase ROI as they are believed to be viewed three times more than subsequent promotional emails.

Remember back to our previous blog post around creating sales funnels & lead capture forms? Your welcome email sequence is the next step which helps introduce your brand & services, prepares your prospects and leads prospects in to engaging your services & encourages your prospect to connect with you through you social media platforms which builds rapport & allows you the opportunity to increase your "touchpoints" with them.

What is a touchpoint?

"A touchpoint is any interaction that may alter the way your prospect feels about your product, brand, business or service"

Did you know?

Traditional marketing suggests that it takes at least 7 touchpoints before a client has enough information about their own situation AND your offering before the even consider engaging your services.

In our digital age, this figure is said to have increased to 22 touchpoints!

Why & what's the difference?

The difference is the medium in which a client encounters your business.

Traditional mediums (offline) are magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, direct mail, billboards, posters etc. 

Digital marketing mediums (online) are social media, websites, affiliates, emails, blogs, SEO etc.

The reason that consumers need more touchpoints before they trust a brand through digital mediums is because they are consuming SO much more information when they are scrolling online.

That's why when a prospect/lead does become aware of your brand, you need to nurture that relationship right from the get go, which brings me to the next type of emails you should be automating.

2. Lead nurturing emails

It's not enough to produce a perfect set of service and set a price for them. Clients have a lot of great options when it comes to Virtual Assistants in Australia, they want to feel appreciated, they want to feel taken care of & they want a valuable experience.

To gain trust you need to create strong ties between yourself and your audience in order for your lead/prospect to feel confident enough to take the next step in engaging your services.

Your lead nurturing emails should educate your leads about how your services act as solutions to their problems

Tell them a story about you, your business & what makes working with you so worthwhile

Invite them in to your world, ask a questions & ask them to reply, invite them to book a chat with you, gently lead them to your website or services guide.

3. Client retention emails

This one will depend on what services you offer however the key retention emails you should consider for a Virtual Assistant business are:

- Periodic check in to see if they are happy with your services

- Requesting feedback/testimonials

- Celebration emails (eg. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Congratulations we've been working together for 1 year etc.)

- Anniversary emails.

Using the example from our previous blog around inbox management sales process. If you were to complete an inbox audit service you could set up an automated process to contact the client every 3 months for their quarterly review.

If you provide an ad-hoc service you could make contact every 3 months to see if the client needs further assistance.

Are you ready to up-level your business using a CRM?

If you're ready to actually enjoy getting to know your client, provide an optimal experience to your clients, stop reinventing the wheel & wasting your time knowing the rest has been taken care of, than you don't want to miss this!

We have a workshop coming up in our membership group where Amy Hart from Hart Virtual Services will be teaching our members how to set Dubsado CRM up in their VA business (valued at $165)

For $39 a month you'll get access to ongoing monthly workshops that will help you up-skill & up-level your VA business, our workshops are all live so that you have the opportunity to interact, ask questions to our guest experts & available on replay if you can't make them live!

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