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Life of a VA featuring Leah Selfe of Collectively Assist

Jan 11, 2021

From Single Mum to Boss Mumma


Hi everyone! I’m Leah and I am so honoured I get to share with you all my journey of becoming a Virtual Assistant. A quick snapshot about me - I am a single mum to a beautiful young man. I love cheese, red wine and a good book.


So how did it all start.

Well it all started back… Don’t worry I won’t go too far back!


In 2018 I had started looking into the idea of becoming a Virtual Assistant. I was unhappy in my workplace. I loved what I did but I didn’t love the people I was surrounded by. Unfortunately there wasn’t another opportunity like it close to home.

At the time I was very anxious and nervous about taking a step like that and eventually talked myself out of it. Self sabotage is a real buzz kill.

As fate would have it our entire team was made redundant as they were moving our office to Head Office in Brisbane. So there was my escape and yet I was still too scared to go out on my own.


In 2019 I took another role similar to my old role but it just wasn’t the same and I didn’t love it. But here was the kicker I loved the team I had. I honestly was wondering if I was ever going to have both.

Now like the entire world my life was rocked by Covid-19 and I was stood down from my role. I spent the next 3 months freaking out and trying so hard to impress my boss from home so that I was hopefully one of the lucky ones that got to stay.

It wasn’t until I realised how much I enjoyed being able to take my son to his football training, be present (and on time) for his swimming lessons and in all just being able to enjoy being with him. With this I realised that this is what I wanted and I didn’t want to go back to my role.

I had started doing some administration work for my neighbour and after a month I decided that this is something I really wanted to do. I loved the flexibility or the hours I could work and also being able to be incharge of my work and my career.


I officially launched my business, Collectively Assist, in August 2020 and I haven’t looked back since.

There was one thing that scared me more than anything and that was what if anybody that didn’t know me didn’t want to work with me! What if I only could work for friends and family and undervalued myself because they all wanted a discount!

I took the plunge and attended a newly formed Professionals and Business Networking Group on the Gold Coast. I knew no one there and as much as I consider myself a people person, those networking events could be daunting.

I ran into a few other people who were new to the group and we started talking. From that first networking event I had 3 people who wanted to talk more about how I could help them.

One of those lovely people referred me to one of my current clients.

I had also joined a Sales Company on the Gold Coast - I know it seems silly considering I only have to sell myself. But this has really helped me think about sales differently and a huge bonus was a networking event at any given moment.


Since starting my business in August 2020 I have managed to create such a life for myself and my son that I wouldn’t have been available to do in a normal 9-5 job.

As of November 2020 I had become fully booked out. Working with a range of different clients from different industries. I work approximately 40 hours a week but I can stretch that over the entire week. My clients have one condition that I do the work that is assigned. When I do that is not a problem for them.

Even at this stage in my business I am working as a very Generalised Virtual Assistant. I know who my target audience is but I love the variety of work I do for my clients. It means that every day, god even every hour is so different.

I may find something that I really love and want to seek more work like that but I also want to keep my days interesting.


Coming into 2021 I realised I wanted to create a more simplistic business life and one that was going to reward me and my son in the future. I now take every Wednesday as my CEO Day. This is my day for me, my business and anything that makes me happy.

I have also decided to create a more defined pricing structure that will create more stability for my business. It’s great when I get to work with clients over a long period of time because I get to see their business grow.


My number one goal as a Virtual Assistant is to help small businesses go from a single person team to a team of legends. At which point they won’t need me anymore. This is my goal for each client that I work with. Their business growth is my passion and something that I strive to provide for my clients in each hour that they get to work with me.

My day starts and ends with me being able to spend as much time as I want with my little man and not feeling guilty. I get to go on holidays and actually enjoy them. I don’t sit there and worry about what I have and haven’t done and if someone is going to call me because I did something wrong! 


The future I see for myself, my son and my business is simplicity. This is my word for 2021 and I want to run my business to work for me and my son and most importantly our future.

Here is to a year of getaways during each school holiday, reading all the books I have ever wanted to and creating a life for me and my son that I have control of.

I couldn’t imagine life as I have it now in a 9-5 job and I encourage everyone to find the passion and drive that gets them out of bed everyday and follow it - in fact run after it. A life of flexibility and freedom is possible and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


From my little tribe to yours, chase those dreams and crush those goals.


Leah x


Guest blog credit: Leah Selfe of Collectively Assist

BIO: Leah is the owner of Collectively Assist who provides a creative and collaborative approach to your business needs. Working together to achieve your goals.

You can see more from Leah at Collectively Assist

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