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Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021
What’s a Virtual Assistant?
Well, it could be YOU!
Put in the simplest form - A virtual assistant is anyone who offers services to other business owners from a remote location (usually a home office) in exchange for an agreed upon fee.
See I told you it could be you!
Who can become one?
Virtually anyone (pun intended)
But there are a few skills you do need:
Obviously, if you’re planning to work online, a general understanding of all-things-internet is a good place to start. Having some specific skills and experience will make getting started easier and it’ll definitely help with landing the first few clients.
Your experience could include any variety of business activities — both online and offline. At the same time, it’s important to note that a lack of skills should never be a deterrent. A high degree of motivation, good communication skills and a desire to learn are equally, if not more important.
Am I eligible?
If you have a skill that you can offer another business owner, and you can perform that task virtually, you are home and hosed chook!
What businesses could I work with?
Almost any business can work with a VA. The question is more around what are the benefits of working with a VA & if that business would benefit. 
It is proven that a key element to business success is nailing your ideal client &  building your business around WHO this person is.
When you've nailed this, you attract the right clients for you, you can position yourself as the expert, you can charge based on value rather than time, you will stand out from the crowd, if you want tp up-skill you'll know which areas you should focus on based on their needs, you will create packages & services that they really need & you'll really enjoy working in your business.
What services could I offer as a VA?
The perks of being a Virtual Assistant are basically endless, as are the lists of services you could offer.
You get to work from home, or anywhere really, which means, you don’t have to travel to work, sit in the same office day in and day out, you can pick your own schedule, your income isn’t limited to the hours you work, you can choose who you want to work with, you get to work towards your own dreams instead of someone else’s & the list goes on!
I get people coming to me all the time thinking that they don’t have the necessary skills to be a VA but in fact, there are so many skills that you likely already have that you can leverage to build a successful business!
While some of the more specific skills are learned on the job or through certain experiences because all businesses use different systems, have different processes and the overall operations vary, there are tons of skills that you already have that would make you an awesome VA!
1. Email - I think it’s safe to say that ALL businesses have to deal with emails, they’re important but at the same time, they are time consuming, so this is a super common task for business owners to outsource.
2. Organisation - Another element relevant to all businesses is the requirement to be organised, for you as a VA this could mean you can help them arrange meetings, organise events, organise their data, content & online files.
3. Creative - If you’re a little on the creative side you might be able to put your skills to use in creating social media graphics, writing or repurposing content, writing blogs, designing advertisements, assisting with email marketing, creating e-books & lead magnets.
4. Facebook group moderation - there are SO many businesses who host Facebook groups, as a VA you could be responsible for scheduling posts, replying to comments, accepting member requests & help with the overall engagement & organisation of the group.
5. Research - if a common phrase for you is “I’ll Google it” than you may be able to assist your clients with researching topics, tools & information. Being a “figure-out-able” type person is really helpful as a VA, no one expects you to know everything, that’s impossible, but it’s really important to be able to jump on Google, YouTube or a community forum or Facebook group to try and find the answer.
6. Communication - this is up there with the most important skill to possess as a VA, it’s important to manage the relationship between yourself and your client as well as your clients stakeholders. If they can count on you to respond professionally & respectfully to their clients/members/customers than you will become a trusted & integral member of their team.
7. Technical - bit of an IT guru? Businesses are always looking for ways to automate, systems that are going to improve productivity & customer experience - there’s always new online tools being released so if you’re a bit of a tech whiz than consider yourself fully booked already.
8. Attention to detail & initiative - most business owners really value your initiative to fix something that you find is broken, speak up (respectfully) when you feel there is a better way to do something, checking over links & spelling before sending work off to them is a simple yet very important step to take in your dealings.
The skills you have already can be put to use as a VA - I always recommend starting with what you know & up-skilling if you want to down the track.
How do I get started?
Check out the FREE resources page to learn about the types of services you can offer & they 8 crucial elements to getting started!
You can also book a FREE 15 minute chat with me to see if this is something that could work for you!!
Feeling overwhelmed?
You're not alone!
Trying to piece together information  without any real direction is really overwhelming, that's why we created the VA Start Up Program!
If you're really keen to start a successful VA business with the entire process mapped out, tools, support to launch confidently and start working with clients than I'd love to invite you to join the VA Start Up Program - we get started in March!

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