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Uncategorized May 25, 2021

This Is May!

I have been graciously asked to share my journey of becoming a self-employed virtual assistant & business owner in a matter of a few short months…. Ladies, its story time, grab your tea or coffee & a biscuit or 2.

Hello, I am Jillian from

I am a mother of 2 men & a minion to my french bulldog. I love coffee, heavy metal & live in a regional town on the border of QLD & NSW. I love my family, a little too much sometimes, I am that crazy Aunty who you call to bury the evidence before your mum comes home & I am always up for a road trip. I will most defiantly be the one person that will say yes when asked before you finish the question. Oh, but if you come to my house BYOT (Bring your own Tea) yuck!

My last life event made me reassess my whole life. I was broken, broke & alone apart from my 16-year-old son, I was only working 30 hours a week and setting up my life again! That was June 2020.

Now this may sound familiar to some of you. You start with an idea for a business and have no way of how to move forward, what to do when, its MESSY right! One night I sat on my second hand macbook and thought, I could not possibly be the only person who is doing this, someone must…google must…Pinterest MUST have a timeline, a list, something. (whilst I was secretly hoping there was not & this was going to be my million-dollar money making Oprah style Ah-Ha moment!) That was September, October & November 2020.

But then.

Ta Da #1!

Introducing SEED VA & Amy Dawe!

Angels were singing from above, a heavenly light shined on my google search, fog dispersed …ok you get where I am going with this. Finally, someone had done it. Yes!
I read Amy’s website like a million times, I downloaded the freebies, I chatted with a self-employed friend for advice. I looked at my budget and looked again. Whilst my confidence was shot from my last relationship, I was always the one in the family that jumped feet first, regardless of the consequence’s. So, I sent the lead to Amy.
Now I can not speak for Amy, but I clicked with her, like an old friend you have not chatted with for a few years. We talked about the whys, and why nots! The business idea in brief and before I realised it, I was logging on to the SEED VA start up program.

That was December 2020.

Now what happened over the following months was a lot of work on myself, my business, and all the while I was still working part time, healing, growing, adulting - well trying to adult, trying to be a good parent and person. I followed the course, did the things that worked and altered the things that did not. I set up core services, updates socials, sorted my financials, & I set the bar high because I knew I was worth it, then a family member suggested I add profit from the get-go, so my hourly base rate was upped 20%. I set some boundaries for myself, my clients, and my family. The program was working…

Then one day a lead was posted on the FB page… what the heck I said to myself – the worst that will happen is they do not call me. But I secretly sent a ‘please universe’ plea.

And Ta Da #2!

The lead came through and I was working, then another lead from a friend a of a friend came in… I now had 3 clients. WOOT! Shortly after this Client 1 was finishing up for a bit, that was ok, the client 3 who was a short one off was completed. So, client 2 was my only client, but I knew that they needed so much more support….

Cue ‘WWOJD’? What Would Old Jillian Do?

She would jump, feet first! And she did.

At the weekly meeting, I suggested they sign on to my top package and I work exclusively for them for 6 months rather than having to find another contractor. They agreed and I was high as a kite for like a week.

Then I had a realisation that I was about to work 50 +hours a week, still parent, adult, clean, eat ETC. I wanted to enjoy my life, not be tired from it. I had the opportunity from this client to change my life – to do what the old Jillian wanted to do for so so long. Keeping in character I jumped again feet first and I resigned from my day job. That was April 2021.

3 weeks later I am sitting in my home office, the Office of Jillian & Co having a zoom meeting with some of the most amazing supportive and smart woman I have ever bee privileged to know, we are celebrating International day for VA’s. And I am celebrating with them & sharing being a full-time self-employed business owner and doing what I have always wanted to do.


This is July!

Jillian being picked up by her client who happens to be a pilot in a private jet, Jillian is heading into the city to assist with face to face HR!



Thank you Jillian for sharing your inspiring story with us!

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