Through the power of knowledge and connections we can help you leverage your unique strengths to create a successful Virtual Assistant business and give you the flexibility and lifestyle you desire.


Your questions answered

Well, it could be you!

Put in the simplest form - A virtual assistant is anyone who offers services to other business owners from afar in exchange for an agreed upon fee.

See I told you it could be you

Virtually anyone 

But there are a few skills you do need:

Obviously, if you’re planning to work online, a general understanding of all-things-internet is a good place to start. Having some specific skills and experience will make getting started easier and it’ll definitely help with landing the first few clients.

Your experience could include any variety of business activities — both online and offline. At the same time, it’s important to note that a lack of skills should never be a deterrent. A high degree of motivation, good communication skills and a desire to learn are equally, if not more important.

You are only limited by your imagination!

We've created a free guide that will give you some great ideas, there are probably some that you already have experience in & didn't even think of turning them in to a service!

Get it here


If you have a skill that you can offer another business owner, and you can perform that task virtually, you are home and hosed chook! 

We get asked this question ALOT! Usually if you're contemplating a career as a VA, you'll have some sort of admin experience or can confidently use a computer.

There is no kind of special certification or degree that you need to become a Virtual Assistant in Australia.

If you're unsure if becoming a VA is a good fit for you - ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Am I computer savvy?

Perhaps you don't have a huge deal of technical experience but if you can find your way around a computer and "figure it out" - you've got what it takes!

2. Am I a "figureoutable" type person?

(We know this isn't a real word... but it should be)

AKA - do you often use the term "I'll Google it?" If you're the type of person who looks it up, can figure things out by watching a YouTube tutorial or aren't intimidated by doing 10 minutes research to find the answer - you’ve got what it takes!

3. Am I determined?

Basically all you need is determination & strategy to do anything you want to do.
Your determination will often be fueled by your reasons for wanting to do something & your strategy is how you'll make it happen!

Self Care Well-being & Resilience Workshop

Self care plan 

Business Finances Roadmap

Business structure

Business name & ABN registration

Tax & GST registrations and responsibilities

Business Bank Accounts

Business expenses and records

Accounting software

30 minute review of your finance goals to drive your business to the next level

Understanding Insurance

Public Liability

Professional Indemnity

Cyber Insurance

30 minute chat about your legal & risk management strategy

Knowing & understanding your legal obligations

Regulatory requirements & risk management 

Business names



Professional responsibility


Website legals

Terms & conditions and privacy policy

Consumer law obligations

Client confidentiality

Client service agreements

Discussion of boundaries

Dispute resolution

Creating your ideal client relationship

Intellectual property

Trade marks

Brand identity


Ownership of work created for client

Your business Vision 

Elements of a holistic vision


Taking action

Identifying income goals

Creating a profit plan

Income stream analysis

Calculating growth

Business Goals

Developing actionable tasks and a timeline

Implementing monthly reflection

Marketing Basics

Who is your Ideal Client

Where does your Ideal Client hang out

Branding - it's not just a logo

What do you want to be famous for

Tips for writing good copy

Digital Marketing for Beginners

What is Digital Marketing

How to set your Digital Goals

How to Build your online Presence

Website Basics

Introduction of Social Media

What Platforms should I be on?

What to Post?

How often to Post?

10 Essential Tips for Digital Success

How to Optimise Your Facebook Page

Your Profile Picture

Facebook Business Page Cover

Call to Action Buttons

Menu Buttons

About You Section

Your Story

Pricing your services & knowing your value

Why you shouldn't cut prices when you are starting out

Other strategies you can use instead

Components that go into pricing

How to calculate hourly prices

Why per hour pricing often doesn't work

Content strategy 

Crafting a client centric content strategy

Creating compelling content your ideal clients will love

30 minute Deep Dive Content Strategy Session 

IT Essentials for Virtual Assistants

Essential Equipment requirements

Useful online tools for remote workers

Antivirus & Data Back-up

Secret Virtual Assistants Business

Understanding the Virtual Assistant Industry

Setting your core services to align with your client needs

Pricing & Value Masterclass

The Onboarding Process

Client Acquisition Strategy

Time Management & Organisation

Launch ready

What to include on your website

45 minute one-on-one

Our program has been developed by hand-picked rural based industry specialists - these specialists share their knowledge with you & they are part of our community which means they are there every step of the way to answer your questions and support your business + there’s some awesome exclusive offers from them in our Virtual Goody Bag giving you the connections you need to develop all aspects of your business.

Seed exists to create a community of like-minded Rural Australian’s; we know how important it is to support rural communities by purchasing their products or services through initiatives such as Buy From a Bush Business. Seed allows businesses all over Australia to support Rural communities by outsourcing to a Seed VA + they can display a badge on their website to show their support.

We will grow together. Seed is new, and even though we feel we have ticked all the boxes to create a valuable learning resource for our participants - if & when there is new content or opportunities, our participants will have lifetime access to it.

One of the reasons I developed this program is because I KNOW that people are busy and I want to save you time on researching information, trialing tools, creating templates & finding professional connections.

Instead of spending ALL your time researching VA Business building methods (that may not even work), this program comes in a very easy, step-by-step method. It literally breaks down the whole process for you.

The program is designed to be taken bit by bit I recommend reserving at least 2-3 hours a week that you can devote to building your business. 

But remember, this course is ENTIRELY self paced, meaning you can decide when you jump into the modules, and you can take a break if you need to. You can also revisit the lessons whenever you like as you have lifetime access to the program!

You bet! Enrol for the program now and receive lifetime access to the program materials and updates. You can start whenever you want.

What a great way to start your online career! So many of us spend the first few years of working online by taking shots in the dark and hoping someone will magically find us.

By starting out with the VA Start Up Program you'll have the tools to grow even if you are starting from complete scratch.

Yes, it's going to take you a few weeks to get up and running but you have support at your fingertips, all of the information, tools & connections you need right there to not only get you started but to support the long term growth & sustainability of your business.

Absolutely, yes!

This course does cover the basics of building a VA Business, but there is AMAZING content inside that will help you GROW your business, think, Client Acquisition Strategies, Long form Content Strategies, Marketing as a VA plus so much more!

Growing your business can mean finding clients that you LOVE working with, developing larger packages, landing high end clients, and filling your days with purpose & value!

We also have Seed Accelerate which is a monthly membership program where we deliver training & workshops each month to help you grow and scale your business - book a chat with me so that we can explore what the best option is for you

Seed Accelerate is a monthly membership program where we deliver workshop on a different topic each month that has been designed specifically for Virtual Assistants.

Rather than paying $200-$300 for a workshop this is a way that we can deliver these to you at a really affordable price!

Go to https://www.seedvirtualassistants.com.au/store for more information

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you don't find the answer you're looking for or book a free call here https://seedvabooking.as.me/letschat


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