One on One support for new & existing Virtual Assistants


My goal is to never hold anything back, to never hoard a secret that could help someone else.

No matter what stage you're at in your business, I'm here to help!

Work with me

30-minute clarity session

In this 30 minute clarity call you will get personalised guidance on anything you need clarity on, as well as actionable advice to move forward

60-minute clarity session

A whole 1 hour to deep dive in to anything that you want to focus on with the outcome being that you walk away confident to implement

60-minute strategy session

In this 1 hour session we will map out and deep dive in to your strategies around your client journey, sales & onboarding processes

3 month mentorship

This 3 month one on one mentoring package is the ultimate way to grow your business, start working with your dream clients & smash your income goals

My greatest passion is ignited by your success


I offer these one on one services in addition to my signature VA Start Up Program & Seed Accelerate Membership to give women at all stages of their journey the opportunity to dig deep into your framework, your processes, the foundational & advanced elements of your business to give you clarity, confidence, encouragement, support & tools to take your business where you want it to go.

Your uniqueness is your magic, there is no business exactly like yours and I pride myself in giving you my undivided attention & tailoring our time together so that you can tap in to your unique power, create your ideal life & business while leveraging my knowledge, tools & strategies.

Choose from the options below or book a discovery call so that we can choose the right option for you.

Which option is the best for you?


Choose from the options below or book in a discovery call so that we can choose the right option for you.

Clarity Sessions



  • The option of a 30 minute clarity  session
  • Personalised guidance 
  • 15 minute accountability check in
  • Zoom video session recording
  • Clarity to move forward in your business

Book your 30 minute clarity session here

20% off all one on one sessions for Seed Accelerate members, log in to the members portal for your discount code

Strategy Session


Most Popular

  • 60 minute session (recorded)
  • Personalised strategic advice in the following areas:

- Client journey & sales process

-  Onboarding process

- Client acquisition

- Pricing & packages

- Niching down to level up 

  • Actionable goals, tools & resources to use in your business
  • 15 minute accountability check in
  • The confidence to progress in your business with a strategic plan for success

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20% off all one on one sessions for Seed Accelerate members, log in to the members portal for your discount code

12 Week Coaching

$749 per month for 3 months



  • Working through each stage of your client journey
  • A deep understanding & implementation of your service funnel
  • A thorough review of your existing foundations
  • Building offers for maximum client attraction
  • Marketing & scale strategies

- Building courses/memberships + launch strategies to work for you alongside your core business

- Income & goal planning


1 x 60 minute kick off session: 

  • Sets the framework for the next 3 months – clearly identify priorities to focus on
  • Create an outcomes based timeline
  • Set up Voxer and G-Suite to work collaboratively
  • Recorded for you to watch back anytime

6 x 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions:

  • Support and focus to work towards your goals
  • Recorded for you to watch back anytime

Voxer support

  • Unlimited chat support Mon-Fri 9am-3pm for the entire 12 weeks
  • Think “carrying your business coach in your back pocket!”

G-Suite Docs & Folders

  • We will work collaboratively in real time through a Google Doc to keep track of our sessions, homework and content

Content review

  • Review and feedback on any key business documents (excluding legals)
  • Ensuring flow and clear consistent messaging across your business

Investment is $749 per month for 3 months.

Kind words

Jelena Angus - Growth Advantage

If you had of asked me 3 months ago where would I want to be now, I probably would of said that I didn't know - maybe 1-2 clients but too scared to do much about it.
I did Amy's Advanced mentor program, and did this crazy idea she had to help boost my business and credibility quickly. I honestly thought she was batshit crazy and there was no way I was skilled or experienced enough, but I did it anyway.
That batshit crazy idea was delivered live to an audience on 25th August. Yes, i was trembling and nervous/scared, but I did it (probably a little rushed, but hey I did it!). I even took a week to recover because I was so worked up over it and decided just to focus on client work, while also sending out a few follow up emails and a lead magnet.
Last week I received 2 sort-of is leads from someone who had attended the webinar. They haven't panned out, but that's ok - they know who I am and when they are ready they can contact me.
This week, I've had 6 zoom meeting with either potential clients or potential lead sources. Yes, 6. I've also had someone come to me straight up and go "I need x, y and z" and I've sent them a proposal for $1,500/month which they have verbally accepted (just need them to accept the damn proposal!
Without the belief from Amy and the push for her to get waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone, there is no way I'd be in a position to do what I'm going to do next week. She doesn't even know this yet, so hoping this last bit is a surprise for her - I'm quitting my part time job. For real. For good. No turning back - I need more than my current 2 days/week capacity if I'm to continue meeting with potential clients or lead partners and take on more clients.
So I guess what I'm really saying is....Amy knows her stuff. She has confidence in you through chatting about your half hashed-out idea of a VA business and can turn it into something not only believable, but achievable and do-able.
Watch this space, here's hoping a few of these leads will land and I may need some help with some subcontracting!
And to think, at the start of this year I was still trying to decide if I should go down the VA path or if I should play it safe and stick with my pushy, demanding, no-boundaries corporate job....

Brooke McIntyre - Brooks Admin

I just want to say a massive thank you! 6 months ago I was working 12 hour days in the city with a 4hr round trip each day. When covid hit, it made me reevaluate my work and what was most important to me. I knew long term the hours and Travel were not going to be sustainable. I made the leave to become a VA and will never look back. Becoming a VA has given me the flexibility to work where I want, when I want.  Thank you again Amy! None of this would have been possible without the support you have given me.