HEY, I'M amy

The founder, adventurer & dreamer behind Seed Virtual Assistants 

I started exactly where you started...

Dreaming of a more flexible lifestyle that allowed me flexibility to spend more time with my growing family I wanted to find a way to leverage my existing skills and start a business working from home, I knew I didn’t want to do MLM as I’d tried it before and it wasn’t for me so like most with a new idea I took to the world of Google and decided I’d start a business as a Virtual Assistant.


Within a few months, I was working with clients from all over the country, embracing the flexibility that my new business gave me. However, I soon realised that working from home also meant missing the connections and sense of community that comes with working in an office. I was craving that connection  and didn't feel like I had a place that I "belonged" in the online space - perhaps that's my small town girl roots showing their colours.

That's  when Seed Virtual Assistants was born

I decided to start Seed Virtual Assistants, which at the time was just a networking Facebook group for other VAs and I put the word out in a few online Facebook Group communities inviting VAs and people interested in becoming VAs to the group to connect.

The group quickly grew to 200 members on its first night, and now consists of over 3000 members.

Since then, Seed has expanded to include online courses, a membership program, masterminds, retreats, templates and we are the founders of the Australian Virtual Assistant Industry Awards.

I'm incredibly proud of the strong community and support network that Seed now is - giving vas across australia a place to call home for their businesses.

For me personally, my "why" has transformed from wanting a flexible business to now being fiercely passionate about sharing this opportunity with others who want to build a life of freedom and flexibility  and build a business defined by their own version of success (not the version we see being flaunted all over social media and not the version being controlled by corporate values and KPIs)


I'm on a mission.

The core purpose and mission I have for Seed has always remained around connection.


I often describe my values for Seed as "small town values", that feeling of authentic relationships, the feeling of being able to reach out to your community for support and having a space to call home for your business.

We all start from somewhere, I started with a vision to make $500 a week to contribute to our household income and to not have to go back to my corporate career after having my babies. I started with zero clients, zero business experience and zero idea really - look where we are now. If I can do it, you can do it too
I'm all about

The simple life, community, progress over perfection, flexibility, authentic relationships and keeping it real

I'm not about

Competition, hustling, making things harder than they need to be, comparison or superficiality


We are the perfect 



  • You value and crave connection and are looking for a community to support you in the day to day of running your business
  • You want a mentor that is going to gently guide you and push you outside of your comfort zone while remaining aligned to your true self
  • You are either looking to start your VA business or you have already started and you're now wanting coaching/mentoring to grow/elevate your business
  • You don't want to be left to work it all out on your own

Here's how we can

We offer various training programs for new and experienced VAs, OBMs and Online Service Providers that supports the growth and evolution of your business beyond just getting started.

Three stages of our Success Path:

Launch stage (haven't yet started your business)

Growth stage (6-18 months in business)

Elevate stage (18 months -5 years in business)


VA Launch Roadmap 

The VA Launch Checklist and Success Path is a comprehensive guide that provides a step-by-step roadmap for starting your Virtual Assistant business without wasting time trying to spend countless hours on Google.

Benefit from industry insights, bonus resources, and expert advice to help you confidently explore becoming a Virtual Assistant.

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