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Download this free cheat sheet & checklist on the 8 crucial elements to starting your VA business that will give you flexibility & financial freedom from wherever you are in our beautiful country!

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VA Start Up Program

Next intake: March 2021

This is our signature program developed by a collaboration of hand picked industry experts, designed to guide you through every step of starting your businesses. This is jam packed with tools & resources you need to start your VA business on strong foundations to set you up for long term success. 

This program is delivered either via group training or on-on-one depending on your preferred method.

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Seed Accelerate

This is a membership program designed to give start up & established VAs a platform to continue your learning & development through monthly workshops, Q&A sessions, guest appearances, networking & collaboration opportunities, member discounts and benefits  & a structured growth plan.

If you're wanting to grow & scale your existing Virtual Assistant business to make it more profitable, more enjoyable & more sustainable - than this is the place to be!

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Work with a VA

This is a complementary service we offer to business owners looking to outsource to a Virtual Assistant!

We have an online form that business owners can submit, the details are then posted to our incredible community of VAs & VAs can then contact the business owner direct if they have suitable skills, experience & availability for consideration

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Handing you the keys to flexibility & financial freedom

Hey there!

I'm Amy Dawe

Virtual Assistant Mentor

My goal is to never hold anything back, to never hoard a secret that could help someone else, and to demystify the process for many people who want to be a virtual assistant, I've been where you are now, I'm going to give you everything I wish I had when I was there!

Here's a secret though, I almost walked away from all of this. I almost quit before I even began.

(...and I want to make sure you don't do the same thing!)

See, when I first started my Virtual Assistant business, I had NO idea what I was doing.

To be honest, I hadn't even really heard of a VA before I started my business!

I literally thought it would be as easy as applying for an ABN, choosing a business name, picking a colour I liked for my "branding" and offering my skills to anyone who wanted them...

I was SO wrong!

This is where I see so many other bidding VAs go wrong!

Then there was the fear...

Would I really be able to get clients?

What if I announced this to my friends and family and then failed?

Why would someone want to have me as their VA as opposed to other people that were more experienced?

At the time we had 2 little ones and I couldn't risk leaving my corporate job for this business that "might not even work out"

So, I decided I'd continue working in my corporate job, until I had (if ever) enough work as a VA to warrant leaving.

I'm not going to lie, I had times when I didn’t think it was going to work out, times when I was crippled with self doubt that had me inching away from giving up, I’ve worked for clients that didn’t fill my bucket, felt completely isolated & unsure of what direction I was meant to be going.

This went on for a good 3-4 months.

It wasn't until I realised I needed to put more thought into my business to make it a success, I basically scrapped everything I'd started, done some hard core research and some professional development to then find that I was doing it all wrong.

I got super clear on my ideal client, my service offerings & pricing strategy, I found the magic in collaboration & I started building a support network of like-minded business women (who some of which are now part of my programs)

I leveraged my existing skills so that I felt confident talking about my business & I replaced my corporate income & quit my job in just 6 weeks!

I'm telling you this because I don’t want to show you how I got to where I am now, I want to guide you where I needed guiding, teach you everything I know now that I wish I knew then.

While it’s important to make mistakes of your own in order to grow, I can guide you past a few that you don’t need to make so that your business is a success the first time round.

Seed has been created through my real life experiences to share with you everything I wish I had when I started out!

And to think, I may have never even tried...

I want to learn more about you!

Book a FREE 15-minute call all about you! Tell me where your at and where you want it to be and we will explore your options together to come up with a plan that is going to see your visions come to life!

It's no merry-go-round, it's a rollercoaster, they are way more fun!

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For general enquiries and information please email us at [email protected]

Julie Carrington

I googled my life away for months seeking some inspiration for the next chapter in my working life. I came across your program on Facebook and all I can say is it felt ‘right’.

How you engage, your goals, vision, how you interact with members of your group, your support of rural and regional women is truly inspirational.

Overall I have found the program, the content, tools and support have significantly exceeded my expectations. I am grateful to have ongoing access to the material so I can progress at my and my family’s pace to make some pretty important decisions for our future.

Thank you and keep doing what you do, you’re smashing it!

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