va growth mastermind

Starting on the 20th of March 2024!

  4 month Mastermind experience
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Confidently grow your VA business


Starting March 2024

Join us for the Growth Mastermind to take your business to the next level!

Group Mastermind

You've got the foundations sorted but now it's time to take it up a notch!

It's time to take control, make more money & become the CEO of your business!

shift out of 'startup' and move into 'growth'

Join myself and others who are at the same stage for the Growth Mastermind 4-month experience to support you as you navigate the growth stage of business together.


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Starting 20th March 2024 - ONLY 8 spots available!

The VA Growth Mastermind is for you if ➔

  • You've done the work to setup your business to a point where you have a few clients and now you're feeling like you're ready for a new level but aren't really sure how to get there
  • Your income is inconsistent at the moment and you're wanting to work towards consistency in income through refining your pricing strategy
  • You want to feel in control through stepping up and having the tools and knowledge to operate your business like a CEO
  • You want peace of mind knowing that you're not alone to work out what's next as you move out of the "startup" phase and into the "growth" phase of business

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... myself and our incredible Growth Mastermind Community!

This Mastermind exists to to guide, inspire and work alongside you as you implement and action.

not another course 

and WHY masterminds are the smartest way to grow your business ➔

A Mastermind means to come together as a group to share ideas, give and receive advice. Whilst at similar stages of business, everyone's goals and journey is unique - so, unlike a course where everyone is expected to start at one place and finish at one place, a Mastermind allows you to freely work towards your individual goals while being inspired and encouraged by others in the group.

A Mastermind allows you to:

  • Build valuable business connections
  • Accountability and encouragement to achieve your goals
  • Give and receive unbiased feedback and advice
  • Have a focused group container that is going to drive your inspiration to take action and create intentional growth in your business

Ready to GROW your business?

The VA Growth Mastermind runs only TWO times per year! NOW is the perfect time to grow your business!

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NEW inclusion in 2024!

In-person Mastermind day

you will build the most beautiful connections in this container & we are strengthening them even further with our in-person mastermind day ➔

Our Mastermind event will be on the 13th of April 2024 in Canberra ACT (those of you unable to join us in-person will have full livestream access)

Drive motivation and excitement for the growth of your business with focused planning sessions, brainstorming & connection with your mastermind peers. 

Drinks, lunch and snacks throughout the day are provided & for those staying the night, we'll catch up for dinner and a cocktail or mocktail or two.

growth strategy focus months

  • Game Plan
  • Audit/Review
  • Goal Setting

1:1 Game Plan with Amy to do a complete review & audit of your business so that we can set clear goals to make the most of the 4 month mastermind

  • Offers/Pricing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales/Pipeline

Elevate your sales confidence, gain insights on creating compelling offers and pricing strategies that attract your dream clients. Implement effective lead generation strategies to attract quality leads and boost your pipeline.

  • Systems/Processes
  • Time/Productivity
  • Team/Management

Streamline your business systems & processes to enhance productivity. Build out your outsourcing strategy so that you know the investments you make in your business are being leveraged to provide maximum ROI

  • Marketing
  • Sales Confidence
  • Leadership

Nail your client journey and develop confidence in communicating the value of your offers so that you can effectively convert your dream clients (without feeling like you are ‘selling’)

Our growth framework

Here's a peak at what we'll be working in the 4 month VA Growth Mastermind! All topics will be completely tailored to where YOU are at and adapted to make the maximum impact for YOUR growth goals!


You're going to love this!



During each session, we will engage in guided discussions as a group, enabling you to work together to generate fresh ideas, tackle challenges, and exchange thoughts and experiences

group discord chat

Join in the group discussions via a voice and text messaging app (Discord) so that you can reach out for support, ask questions and access feedback in real time so that you can push forward with confidence and encouragement


We equip you with all the necessary tools and resources to develop new offers, frameworks, systems, and processes, enabling you to execute your delivery and provide both yourself and your clients with an optimised experience

Exclusive 1:1 Game plan with Amy

valued at $500

A comprehensive review and feedback audit of your entire business so that you can move into the VA Growth Mastermind with clear action steps on areas/gaps to work on.

Gameplan process:

1. You will be sent a folder to upload any of your business documents and links

2. I (Amy) will deep dive into your business from a VA Coach perspective and a client perspective to ensure you are leveraging your offers and messaging towards success.

3. You will receive a written report with feedback and actionable steps to move into the VA Growth Mastermind

4. We will have a 30 minute 1:1 session to go over the report and you can use this time to gain clarity and leave feeling laser focused on your gameplan!

Starting 20th March 2024!

Join us for the Growth Mastermind to take your business to the next level!

Join us for the 2024 va growth mastermind

This Mastermind runs only TWO times per year! Now is the perfect time to work on growing your business!



x 4 monthly payments

  • LIMITED to 8 spots keeping the group small and intimate
  • 4 month VA Growth Mastermind
  • Fortnightly group Mastermind sessions
  • Starts 20th March 2024
  • Wednesday’s 1pm AEDT/AEST
  • Voice/text coaching support (Tuesday-Friday 10am-2pm)
  • Review and feedback on all business assets
  • Access to replays and resources
  • A one day in-person Mastermind event (13th April 2024 in Canberra ACT) alternatively a full livestream of day even if you cannot attend in-person
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS 2x 1:1s with Amy valued at $500
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If you have any questions that aren't answered here or you want to chat about whether the VA Growth Mastermind is right for you, feel free to drop me a message on Instagram @seedva.mentor or email me at [email protected]