I am Amy Dawe – Your VA Mentor!

I ‘officially’ began my VA business in 2018 (off the back of over 10 years of administrative & management!).

Dreaming of a more flexible lifestyle that allowed me flexibility to spend more time with my growing family I wanted to find a way to leverage my existing skills & start a business working from home, I knew I didn’t want to do MLM as I’d tried it before & it wasn’t for me so like most with a new idea I took to the world of Google & decided I’d start a business as a Virtual Assistant.

As I made my way through the phases of my business, wasting an unimaginable amount of hours researching and creating terrible templates, feeling unsure, disconnected & inching away from giving up many times I finally got my business off the ground through a lot of persistence & a little luck.

Seed VA is an exciting part of my business born from my real-life experiences (I also still do my own VA work!), and I am very proud of it. It is my mission to give help rural women grow successful, sustainable & enjoyable Virtual Assistant businesses. Seed brings together all of the tools, resources and connections I wish I had when I started my business.

I know there are many training avenues for people wanting to start a VA business but it's the community and connections that sets Seed aside from the rest. We believe that your location should never be a disadvantage to being part of an incredible community that will support the growth of your business. 

I wanted to create a program that was built by the knowledge and expertise of experts needed to build the foundations of a business, so I went on the hunt for reputable & reliable rural based business experts to collaborate with & formed “Team Seed”. Our unique approach sees you guided by hand-picked industry experts ensuring you are given the most accurate & current advice.

On the personal side, I live in Young NSW with my partner Mick & 3 little ones. We spend our time enjoying the simple pleasures of country life.

I am incredibly passionate about helping rural women build successful, sustainable & enjoyable Virtual Assistant businesses & I love seeing women who become part of the Seed family achieve their dreams and create their desired lifestyle.