Inner Circle Member Spotlight Interview with Monique Gray

In this podcast episode, I sit down with Monique, the mastermind behind Monique Felder- Kajabi Weapon, a prominent figure in the online business industry & Seed community.

Monique shares her journey from starting her business after being made redundant to becoming the go-to person for Kajabi support.

She discusses her pivot from basic services to specialising in Kajabi, the transferable skills from her banking background, and her proudest moments in business.

Monique also gives a sneak peek into her upcoming plans for expanding her services in the Kajabi space.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Starting the Journey 

    • Introducing Monique, the Kajabi Weapon
    • Monique's background and transition from a traditional career to becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA).
    • Exploring the Kajabi platform and finding her passion for it.
    • The importance of finding a niche that aligns with personal interests and skills.
  2. Building Reputation and Relationships:

    • How Monique's background in customer service and management roles in banking influenced her entrepreneurial journey.
    • Overcoming impostor syndrome and recognizing the value of transferable skills.
    • The power of building genuine online relationships and communities.
  3. Pivot and Expansion:

    • Monique's standout moment in business.
    • Teasing upcoming changes in her business, focusing on elevating Kajabi services.
    • Taking time to develop quality systems, tools, and processes to ensure service excellence.
    • The importance of aligning with ideal clients and maintaining a strong brand.
  4. Lessons and Advice:

    • Monique's advice: Focus on what you enjoy and aligns with your values; loving what you do is key to success.
    • Embracing the challenges of the business journey and continuous personal development.
    • The courage to experiment and the excitement of discovering what's on the other side of breakthroughs.


In this inspiring podcast episode, Monique shares her journey from a career transition to becoming a renowned Kajabi expert. Her story highlights the significance of pursuing what you love and building authentic connections in the online business world. Monique's insights encourage listeners to embrace challenges, follow their passions, and find their own unique path to success.

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