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Self Paced Online Coursevalaunchpad""

VA Launchpad is our signature training course for anyone wanting to get started as a Virtual Assistant. We take you step-by-step through everything you need to get started + you get access to all of our templates and tutorials to save you time and money creating everything from scratch!

Do this if:

  • You haven't yet started your business (or you've started on parts but keep hitting roadblocks and want to finally get setup correctly)
  • You're not sure what services you want to offer or what kinds of businesses you could work with
  • You are wanting to start a business that gives you freedom and flexibility to live your life your way.. without the overwhelm of working it all out on your own



Group Coaching

VA Launchpad LIVE is the live version of our online course to get started as a Virtual Assistant.

Amy guides you LIVE in a group coaching container over an 8 week period to launch your business on completion.

Do this if:

  • You want everything that VA Launchpad offers (above)
  • You prefer to learn in a group environment to build connections
  • You want to additional support and accountability from Amy and the group



Group Mastermind

You've got the foundations sorted but now it's time to refine, make more money, create consistent income and grow your business. Join myself and others who are at the same stage for the Growth Mastermind 3-month experience to support you as you navigate the messy stage of business together.

Do this if:

  • You're in the first 18 months of business
  • You're wanting to create consistent income in your business
  • Your growth focus is around refining your messaging, pricing strategies, client journey, systems and processes to maximise and leverage your capacity




Professional membership for Virtual Assistants and Online Service based women who crave community, connection, empowerment, support and growth!

Access monthly training delivered by various business experts, a wonderfully supportive VA community, job leads, as well as face to face retreat events to meet your virtual connections IRL + benefit from the opportunity to spotlight your business.

This is for you if:

  • You are craving connection and community in your business
  • You aren't looking for specific coaching but are keen to learn new tools and strategies to grow your business
  • Sometimes you feel like you're walking in the dark when it comes to your business, you'd love to have a safe space to open up and chat about your challenges, share your wins and navigate your questions/ideas! 


dianne kely-smith

I'm so glad I found Amy, it was perfect timing when I did.

I'm not usually one to make a decision lightly when paying for a course but after a conversation with Amy, I took the plunge. It was the best thing I ever did and allowed me to start my business. Amy is so supportive and has also allowed me to meet a whole network of other like-minded people who I can always reach out and ask for help

amy christopherson

Finding Amy, Seed VA Launchpad, and the Seed Inner Circle has been the best thing for my HR Consulting business.

One year from launching my business, I would never have believed my heart would be so full. I am continuing my travels with my family and scheduling my work around schooling my children and working for my clients. The work I am doing is making such a difference to my small business clients. My family has consistent income coming through the door. I have connected with some amazing businesswomen, and have so much support and encouragement from so many different places. Best of all, when we stop traveling I already have a successful business that I can build and change to suit the next stage of our lives.

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I'd love to hear from you! If you have any specific questions or need some clarity on deciding which training options is best for you, send me a DM on Insta and we'll get you sorted

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